Latest Chandra Wilson News

5/7/2018 Chandra Wilson will be receiving the 2018 Wenger Award for Excellence in Media from WomenHeart, the national coalition for women with heart disease.  This recognition comes as a result of her performance in the February 1, 2018 “Don’t Fear the Reaper” episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  The highest rated episode this season so far.  What an honor it was to shine the light on women’s heart disease through someone we know and care about like Miranda Bailey.

Please visit for the latest information about what is being researched about and accomplished in the fight against Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.  CVSA Online

Thank you guys so much for watching the Season so far and taking the journey with us.  As Bailey has shown us, please take good care of yourselves and be good health advocates for yourself and your loved ones.  Grey’s Anatomy

Please enjoy this DVD Extra of Chandra Wilson the actress, the director, and a day with her on Broadway!.  Grey’s Anatomy

mutedMuted is an award winning short film which can currently be seen on HBO and HBO Go.  Chandra and Muted were winners at 2015’s SOHO International Film Festival where she won Best Acting Performance and the film won the Special Jury Award.  Muted is in the process of becoming a feature film. More info at and

Autism in America posterCongratulations to Autism in America on its Mid-South Emmy nomination for “topical documentary.” Autism in America is a feature film documentary currently circulation film festivals.  Narrated by Chandra Wilson, “It is a genuine and straighforward look into Autism in America told by the families and individuals living with Autism daily.”  Visit: